Seek Good News

A few days ago, while speaking with my only living grandmother, she brought up her concerns about the present world.  When she talks, I listen.  I learned years back that when a grandparent speaks, it is not nonsense. “Listen to your elders” is not a frivolous phrase.

We both agreed that our world can be at peace by seeking good news.  Not just the Good News of Jesus Christ, but the good news* that surrounds us! It may be hard to find amidst the negative news noise, but it is there. Lord, lead us to the good news and help us to be the good news!

Memere Lajoie shared this with me:

“The world needs our joy and hope.  To pour our fear and anger into a world already enslaved in fear and anger is not helpful.  Starting today, let’s watch intently for good news.  It, too, is all around us.  It doesn’t ordinarily receive the coverage it deserves.  The good that is being poured out into the world is often overshadowed by the evil.  Evil spelled backward tells us to live.  Let’s find a way to live in joy and hope.” -Sr. Macrina Widerkehr, O.S.B

*Watch a good news story that was aired a few months back “Chance meeting at a grocery store gives grieving widower new purpose in life” by Steve Hartman.

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