Happy St Valentine’s Day

It’s Tempo Tuesday and Valentine’s Day! So that means – a love song! “That’s How Strong My Love Is” by Alicia Keys was part of Riley and my wedding song medley. It speaks to the love that a woman feels for her man.  I pray to be a wife who can lift up, encourage and push my husband to be the best version of himself.  As this song says I hope to be the sun after the rain, the water in the desert and with the Lord’s help, strong enough to help weather the storms that may come our way.  Love you, Riley! ❤   

*Today is St. Valentine’s Feast day – he is the Patron Saint of Love, Young People and Happy Marriages.

I will be the water you need in the desert land
Just to let you know you will always have my hand
I will be the woman you need to be a better man
So you will always know
Through a shake of an earthquake
I will never fall
That’s how strong my love is
Like a ship through the storm
We can risk it all
That’s how strong my love is

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