It’s A Blessed Day Today

This Tempo Mardi Gras Tuesday I introduce you to “Hello Hey” by Connor Flanagan.  I met Connor at the 2015 Maine Catholic Youth Convention. I love this catchy song because it’s about how the beautiful things in life are reminders of God and that no matter what He is always with us.  We have the desire to be loved in the way God loves us and if we can try to love others the way he loves us then the world will be even more beautiful than it is already.  As we begin Lent tomorrow, we must remember to LOVE. 

It’s the simple things in life that keep reminding me of You
You got me singing like
Hello Hey Hallelujah
won’t you move me
come and shine through me
Hello Hey Hallelujah

So I said wake up, shape up, get your shine on, get your smile on
it’s a blessed day today, gifted in every way
a movement of grace the way the sun hits the sky at the break of the day
I live to be loved and I long to love more
from the moment that I rise to when my feet hit the floor
to whom much is given I know much is expected
but it feels like everyday I’m taken to school in this lesson
what a blessing to know the Father holds my heart
no matter how hard I fall, I’ll never leave His arms
no matter how close I feel, He holds me closer still
True love that’s real


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