The Good Shepherd

I am sharing with you a part of a reflection on the Gospel according to John 10:1-10 from today’s mass readings.  It was written by Saint John Paul II.  I witnessed at least 20 2nd graders receive their Confirmation and First Holy Communion today.  The Good Shepherd is leading more souls through the gates towards the Father.  These little ones will now have the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be even better “good shepherds” in their own environments.   

“Finally, Jesus wants everyone to be a ‘good shepherd.’  Every Christian, by virtue of baptism, is called to be himself a ‘good shepherd’ in the environment in which he lives.  You parents must exercise the functions of the Good Shepherd with regard to your children; and you, too, children, must be edifying with your love, your obedience, and above all with your courageous and consistent faith.  Also the mutual relations between husband and wife must be marked by the example of the Good Shepherd, in order that family life may always have that nobility of sentiments and ideals willed by the Creator, because of which the family has been the ‘domestic Church.’ So also at school, at work, in playgrounds and places of leisure, in hospitals and where people are suffering, let everyone always try to be a ‘good shepherd’ like Jesus.” ~Saint John Paul II 


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