The Holy Spirit is There

“[The Holy Spirit] is the giver; through him we can be shaped to the likeness of the Son.  He gives us new life and makes us capable of living.  He heartens us, strengthens our will, heightens our understanding so that we may believe and hope and love – that we may draw nearer to God and live in unity with him.” ~Father Alfred Delp, S.J.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t always get as much attention as the other two members of the Holy Trinity; however, he provides heart and strength and understanding (among other gifts) to believe, hope and love. When we are able to accept these gifts, the fruits come forth. 

There are many days as a stay at home mom that I forget that the Holy Spirit is there to guide me.  I do often pray for the gift of understanding.  May I not only understand God’s way, but the reason behind actions of others. In turn, I hope for patience and peace.      

*Avery decided to take the clothes out of the dryer and climb in today. 


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