Laughing Through The Pain

I have sciatic nerve pain with this pregnancy.  I described it as “butt pain” to Ayla.  We had to run some errands today and after I buckled the kids in I went to sit down in the driver’s seat and got a shooting pain.  Ayla asked, “Are you having butt pain again, Mom?” After I responded, “yes,” we started to laugh. 

Since we laughed, Avery laughed, too.  It’s not fun to have aches and pains, but it is fun to laugh about it with my kids.  It may sound silly, but there is hope in the blessing of this “butt pain.”   

*Yes, I was parked when I snapped this photo. Notice Avery smiling big in the mirror? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Laughing Through The Pain

  1. I have sciatica and I do so know your pain. A year ago I was on a walker with it for two months. Maybe I can offer you some help. I have some ice packs that lay flat. I cannot remember what they are full of but I got four of them, at Walmart. They have a blue cover on them. I start at the top of my butt and layer them all the way down. I will do that every hour for twenty minutes and ice is the only thing I have found that helps me.

    I do thank God though, if I have to have something it feels better on my feet then sitting down. I love to be up and so thankful that I can be. I also take those ice packs whenever I ride. About an hour to an hour and a half is as long as I can sit, at one time.

    I know your daughter has to get a kick out of your “butt pain.” How funny that must seem to a child! 🙂 Laughing with you both. God Bless, SR p.s. I think those ice packs are full of clay, anyways they work wonders because you do not have to put ice in them.


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